Daily Holidays on the Net FAQ

What is Daily Holidays on the Net?
Daily Holidays on the Net is our new website celebrating the daily, weekly, and monthly holidays of the year. We've been celebrating the holidays of the year at our other website, Holidays on the Net (www.holidays.net), for years now and thought we'd invite you to join in the fun.

Why do I have to log in?
Daily Holidays on the Net is an AD-Free, membership based website. You would need to be a member and login in order to fully access our website.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?
By becoming a member of Daily Holidays on the Net you will be able to enjoy over 4000 daily, weekly, and monthly holidays of the year. Anytime, from anywhere.

Do you offer definitions for the Daily Holidays?
Yes. A new feature of our site is the addition of definitions for many of the daily, weekly and monthly holidays. (Please note: this is a new feature and we are currently adding a years worth of definitions)

Am I able to search for Daily Holidays?
Yes. Members will be able to search our database for any holiday.

But - Isn't the Internet free?
As we mentioned we are an AD-Free website. That means no banners, no popups, nothing to distract from our celebrations! Memberships help us continue running the site as well as allow us to continue to add new and wonderful features.

What is the cost of becoming a member?
You can visit our Special Introduction page for more information.

Are you only celebrating the Daily Holidays of 2008?
Right now our website is celebrating the daily holidays of 2008. And in 2009: 2009. And then 2010, 2011, and every year forward.

If I become a member does that mean I will get to celebrate a year of Daily Holidays just by joining the Daily Holidays on the Net website?
Yes. Our memberships are for 1 year. So as an example: If you join on May 01st - your membership will continue until May 01st of next year. It doesn't matter when you signup because you'll always celebrate a whole year of Daily Holidays!

Do you offer a preview?
Sure. If you are no logged in as a member, you will still be able to view each month. Just click on a month in the menu to the left. Please note: As a non-member you will only see the first daily holiday for each day. We figure this will give you a good idea of the type of information we offer as well as the fun environment we've created for each month. Non-members will also not have access to holiday definitions.

How do I register and become a member?
Just visit our registration page for more details.

How are you related to Holidays on the Net?
Holidays on the Net (www.holidays.net) is our mothership and helps pay the bills. We are also part of the Holidays on the Net.work

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